Marijuana Monthly Theme – Italian!

Welcome to October, around here our Marijuana Monthly Theme is Italian.  Nothing gives you a nice full belly, with flavorful food, leaving you satisfied like Italian Food.  Why is October Italian month?  Well that is my current kick.  Might have something to do with me binge watching the Sopranos lately and dying for some Marrrigotttt….  No that would have nothing todo with it….
Anyway! This month we will explore making ourselves some Marijuana Marinara or as some call it, Gravvvvy!  We can use this in all sorts of great dishes, from Pizza, to Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Manicotti and sooo much more.  I look forward to a bunch of these great dishes and some awesome elevated desserts like Cannoli!

Cooking With Marijuana – Italian Month Menu

*We will update this list – with links and new items as the month progresses 🙂

Jump starting your Italian cooking adventure has to be the center piece of any amazing Italian Dish.  The sauce!  People, Pop Culture, Italian Movies all center around the sauce when in the kitchen.  It is the staple of every Italian dish, bringing out amazing flavors of fresh garlic, basil, onion, tomatoes and soo much more.  A great sauce can be used to prepare a quick dish of pasta, make a pizza, used as dip for mozzarella sticks, and much much more.  Adding meat, sausages, ground beef, steak, pork, to the sauce and letting it simmer on low can bring bountiful flavor, and offer countless amounts of variety.  It truly is difficult to get tired of Italian food, when it is so versatile and dishes are relatively simple.

Join us on this journey as we explore the rich, delicious and decedent food in the Italian category.  We look forward to creating and sharing some amazing dishes with you this month.   Salute!

Chef MJ