AKA How to Stash Your Stash!

More than once in your life you have asked yourself the question, “How long is my marijuana good for?”. Though marijuana does not have an expiration date, it does degrade over time and can go bad. But your marijuana stash can remain safe and sound for up to many years if you store it properly. Proper storage is so much more than rolling it up in a sandwich bag and leaving it in the sock drawer. It may sound like hard work however, it will be easy as long as you follow these tips and tricks.


Just like food products in the kitchen, there are some factors to consider when storing marijuana specifically.  For us to understand how to make your stash of marijuana withstand the test of time, here are some factors to consider.

1. Air
A high amount of air will hasten the time of the degradation. Most people think that by simply securing your stash in any zip-lock or a food storage container is enough, but it isn’t. The container should be the right size – something that has not that much of a vacant space and something that also prevents crowding. This needs to be considered because even if there’s really no air going inside the container, the trapped excess air can still have great effects.

2. Moisture
See to it that your marijuana is dry. Not too dry, just the right amount to prevent molds from building up, but not dry enough that it dries out.  That is determined by humidity level. Keep the humidity level of your marijuana below 65 percent, but above 55 percent.

3. Light
This is absolutely the biggest factor that affects storage of marijuana. Light affects marijuana as much as UV rays affect us through sunburns, tan lines and dry hair. It will dry out the important properties of marijuana. Keep your stash away from direct sunlight or any direct light source. Like a wine cellar, your stash is best aged in a cool, dark place.


Infinity Jars
Made in Europe, these jars have light-proof glass, airtight, spill-proof, smell-proof and is said to be able to keep dried goods for quite a long time.

Mason Jars
Mason jars are jars made out of glass. They are readily available in the market and are very affordable. Traditionally used for canning foods and jellies, these are my go to for my marijuana storage needs.  These are indeed affordable, but do not provide UV protection, so storage in a dark place is essential.

Riess Containers
This container is made with steel coated enamel and is certified to be UV light-proof. What’s more is that it’s airtight and totally safe for when storing weed.

DO’S AND DON’TS For Proper Marijuana Storage

  • Always use containers that are airtight and vacuum-sealed.
  • Make sure that the container you choose is out of materials that has neutral electrical charge. This is to avoid any occurrence of static.
  • Maintain a temperature range of 40-72 degrees F (4.4-22 C) to avoid molds from building up in your weed.
  • Keep the humidity level of your stash below 65 percent. When the level is around 59-63, there will be a high risk of molds and mildews. And when it’s below 55 percent, it will dry out your cannabis.
  • Avoid heat and lack of moisture when storing. A dry herb will have a different flavor. It will give you a strong smoke that will result to coughing and inflammation of your throat and lungs. Though it will be fine for cooking, it may lose potency.
  • Sandwich bags / plastic zip-lock bags can be okay – BUT only for short-term storing! These bags are highly prone to generate static charges, can easily lose moisture and can easily be detected by somebody that you have weed in your possession.
  • Storing your weed in a “cool, dark place” does not automatically mean it’s totally okay to store your stash in the fridge or in the freezer! Never use your fridge or freezer for storage.
  • As much as possible, keep your stash away from any sources of electricity and heat like appliances. These will dry them out and will cause bacteria to form.
  • Never use a tobacco humidor. This has oils that can transfer and affect the unique flavor if your weed. They also tend to regulate humidity and over-saturate your stash. Tobacco needs a whole different environment than Marijuana for it storage needs, so cigar humidors as well are off limits.


Daily storage & Long-term storage

It is recommended that when storing, you separate you daily stash from the one’s you will use later. You don’t have to be worried about degradation for your week’s supply. But still, when storing (may it be for your daily or long-term usage), air and light will always be big factors to take into great consideration.

Store Different Strains Separately

If you possess more than one strain, use separate containers for each strain. Each strain has different characteristics and aroma. To be able to properly maintain the uniqueness of each strain, keep them in separate jars. Keeping them all together will cause mixing and I know you wouldn’t want that.

Wrapping it Up

How you store your marijuana is much more involved than most think. With these guidelines, we hope they help you properly store your marijuana stash and get the most out of it. You can now be sure that you’re keeping your supply in its top condition for as long as possible.