Top 7 Mistakes When Cooking With Marijuana

This post will explore the various mistakes we have observed and made ourselves when Cooking With Marijuana.  Hopefully we can help you the reader avoid making the same mistakes, which can cause for a waste of Marijuana, Time, Money and Flavor!


#1 – Not Decarbing Your Marijuana

This step is probably the most overlooked.  Decarbing your Marijuana activates it before you making a butter or oil.  Simply put, Decarbing short for decarboxylate, is the process of heating up your Marijuana to activate the Pyscoactive ingrident THC.  Heating up Marijuana in butter or oil when making CannaButter or CannaOil changes some of the THCa to THC but not all of it, Decarbing helps maximize the amount of THC you get when you make your Butter or Oil.  Check out our full post of Decarbing Here.


Marijuana Nugs

#2 – Over-Grinding Your Marijuana

After decarbing Marijuana it needs to be ground up a little bit before adding it to butter or oil.  But just coarsely, not a fine-powder!  The goal is to extract THC, Terpenes and other goodies on the buds, not in the them.  It just needs to be broken up a little bit to help maximize the spread.  Over-grinding makes it harder to remove the plant material once infused into butter and oils, and adds more color and flavor to the butter that isn’t desired.



#3 – Cooking At Too High Of Temperature

Low and slow – low and slow!  The higher the temperature the easier it is to burn marijuana and ruin your CannaButter, CannaOil and other infused items.  In addition higher temperatures destroy cannaboids and other items we are seeking to extract.  Check your temperatures frequently and ensure you aren’t going to hot.  The low the temperature for a longer period of time the better.



#4 – Not Measuring

Knowing how much Marijuana you have put into how much Oil or Butter is essential.  Just as essential is knowing the THC content.  Bud that comes in at 15% will give different effects as Bud at 10% in the same size dosages.  Do the math ahead of time to have good estimations on how much is in each serving of whatever you make.  Also, make sure you wait an hour or so after ingesting an edible.  The digestive track takes time and you don’t want to over do it.



#5 – Not Using Water

You don’t have to use water when making CannaButter or CannaOil, but it helps alot!  It helps to keep things cool and not overheat.  It helps wash out some of the flavor and color as well.  We personally think it helps a lot, even though THC is not water soluble, its helps with the infusion into the butter or oil you make and we believe you get better yields.



#6 – Not Knowing What Strain You Are Using

It helps to know what kind of Marijuana you are using, is it Indica or Sativa and some of the know effects.  Of course you want to create edibles that suit your needs and the desired effects you are looking for.  Do research ahead of time and pick your strains, and of course as your BudTender!



#7 – Get Outside Your Cookie Zone

Only making cookies or brownies.  Sure they are tasty and a staple of edibles.  But try other stuff!  Muffins, A dab of butter in your coffee, Toast, Lemon Bars, CannaOil as a salad dressing.  Virtually anything can me able with CannaButter and Oil.  Many dishes just cook them as normal and put the CannaButter or CannaOil over the dish last.  It was still taste great and give you the desired effects 🙂