Dessert – Cooking With Marijuana

A nice sweet treat does the body good.  Sometimes its what we need after a long day, just a little indulgence.

How To Make Weed Brownies

Weed Brownies, Marijuana Brownies, Pot Brownies

No matter what you call them, they are some special brownies and we like them alot! Great as a nightly snack or for a party, Weed Brownies have been an edible staple for a long time! These are probably the most popular, if not most infamous edible in the marijuana world.

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Lemon Bars

Yummy& Tart Lemon Bars! This weekend we are going to make some awesome lemon bars using our CannaButter!  - If you haven't made any of that yet check it out by clicking on the CannaButter link! Our Ingredient List: 1 Cup of CannaButter (Softened) 2 Cups White...

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