Breakfast – Cooking With Marijuana

On this page you will find various posts about breakfast, the good ol wake n bake!  I enjoy starting my day off right, what better way than with an infused meal!

Marijuana Infused Oatmeal

Marijuana Infused Oatmeal Good Day Everyone! Coming at you with a real quick and easy breakfast, Marijuana Oatmeal!  I am a big fan of old fashioned oats, throw in some fresh fruit and have a nice fiber rich, healthy breakfast.  Infusing it with a little Marijuana is...

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Lemon Bars

Yummy& Tart Lemon Bars! This weekend we are going to make some awesome lemon bars using our CannaButter!  - If you haven't made any of that yet check it out by clicking on the CannaButter link! Our Ingredient List: 1 Cup of CannaButter (Softened) 2 Cups White...

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