Getting Started – Cooking With Marijuana

On this page you will find various posts related to the early and basic steps.  Starting off right, any meal, any dish, is possible! Enjoy!

Cannabutter: The Simplest Recipe

Cannabutter: Keep It Simple, The Only Recipe You Will Ever Need Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you like these articles on CannaButter. My blog posts contain affiliate links. I receive referral payments from my affiliates. Listen, the commisions we make from...

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Marijuana Storage Tips and Tricks

AKA How to Stash Your Stash! More than once in your life you have asked yourself the question, “How long is my marijuana good for?”. Though marijuana does not have an expiration date, it does degrade over time and can go bad. But your marijuana stash can...

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Cooking With Marijuana: Top 7 Mistakes

Top 7 Mistakes When Cooking With Marijuana This post will explore the various mistakes we have observed and made ourselves when Cooking With Marijuana.  Hopefully we can help you the reader avoid making the same mistakes, which can cause for a waste of Marijuana,...

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Intro to Cooking with Marijuana (Cannabis)

Cooking With Marijuana - An Introduction If you have the pleasure of living in one of 29 states that have Marijuana legislation on the books, and have visited a dispensary you may have noticed the abundance of edible marijuana products.  From cookies to brownies,...

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